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Last Night

Morgan Wallen

Morgan Wallen’s “Last Night”: A Tale of Love and Conflict

Morgan Wallen’s “Last Night,” a track from his 2023 album “One Thing at a Time” has captivated audiences with its raw portrayal of love and conflict. Released on January 31, 2023, the song quickly soared to the top of the charts, showcasing Wallen’s distinct narrative style in country music​​.

Songwriters and Composition

Penned by John Byron, Ashley Gorley, Jacob Kasher Hindlin, and Ryan Vojtesak, “Last Night” reflects on the complexities of a romantic relationship. Wallen’s delivery of the lyrics, accompanied by minimal production, lets the raw emotions of the narrative take center stage​​​​.

Lyrics and Meaning:

The song delves into a tumultuous night between Wallen and his partner, marked by alcohol-fueled honesty and contentious arguments. Despite the heated exchange and a temporary departure, the song concludes with a return, suggesting a resilient bond that withstands conflict. This portrayal challenges the conventional love song narrative, illustrating how love can persist even in the face of strife​​​​.

Wallen’s Perspective

In an interview with American Songwriter, Wallen explained his choice of “Last Night” as a single, highlighting its diversity and how it aptly introduces the varied musical styles on his album. This decision reflects Wallen’s commitment to showcasing a range of emotions and experiences through his music​​.

Chart Performance and Reception

“Last Night” achieved significant chart success. It peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot Country Songs in February 2023 and made its way to the top of the Billboard Hot 100. The song marked Wallen’s first number one on this chart and spent 16 non-consecutive weeks at the top. It also holds the record for being the only single to peak at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 during six consecutive months​​. In July 2023, it became the first song to accrue one billion on-demand streams in the United States in a single year​​.

Year-End Chart Performance

“Last Night” performed well on year-end charts, securing high positions across several categories. It was ranked number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 and number one on the US Hot Country Songs. The song also achieved significant positions on charts in Canada, New Zealand, and other global platforms​​.


The song received multiple certifications, including 6× Platinum in the United States, 2× Platinum in Australia and New Zealand, and Silver in the United Kingdom, reflecting its widespread popularity and commercial success​​.

Morgan Wallen’s “Last Night” stands out as a poignant narrative of love’s resilience amidst conflict. Through its introspective lyrics, minimalistic composition, and Wallen’s expressive delivery, the song offers a unique take on the complexities of relationships, resonating with listeners who appreciate the unvarnished truths of love and life.

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