Meaning of Making Love out of Nothing at all by Air Supply

Making Love out of Nothing at all

Air Supply

From Emptiness to Passion: The Magic of “Making Love Out of Nothing At All”

Hold on to your headphones, music lovers! We’re delving into one of the 1980s’ most intriguing and impassioned ballads, “Making Love Out of Nothing At All” by Air Supply. Yes, those catchy tunes and soul-stirring lyrics to which you’ve hummed more than you’d like to confess!

When it was released in 1983, this treasure quickly climbed into the charts, reaching No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100. It was undeniably a testament to Air Supply’s magnetic attraction.

The Artist’s Point of View

When discussing this masterpiece, we must acknowledge the genius behind the lyrics: Jim Steinman.

Steinman, known for weaving epic tales of love and emotion into song (especially for Meat Loaf), delivered a story of contrasts.

According to an article in October 2006 in the Australian newspaper The Herald Sun<, Steinman offered this to Meat Loaf along with “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” but they were not able to reach an agreement so he offered this song to Air Supply. The article quotes Meat Loaf: “My record company was anti-Jim Steinman at the time; I was anti-record company. So we were even.” 13 years later Bonnie Tyler recorded the song as well.

From witnessing “the light in the dark” to “the door to the promise of your love,” the song emphasises the idea that love may be born even in the darkest of places.

With their individual vocals, Air Supply transformed this work into a song that is both grand in its narrative and intimate in its delivery.

Interpretations by Listeners

“Making Love Out of Nothing At All” has a worldwide appeal. It’s right there in the title! Anyone who has experienced the renewing force of attachment after a period of nothingness would recognise the concept of producing something meaningful, such as love, from an abyss.

For many, the song exemplifies the transformational power of love, how it can transform the everyday into the beautiful, and how desire can be sparked even in silences and gaps.

Historical and Societal Background

The 1980s were a fascinating blend of post-disco feelings, the rise of pop, and rock choruses. Air Supply’s soft rock ballads added a fresh air of emotion and depth to a scene dominated by synthesisers and glitter.

“Making Love Out of Nothing At All” was a love song, but its wide, almost anthemic sound fit the ‘larger than life’ musical attitude of the 1980s.

Lyrical Dive

One brilliant statement is: “I can make every tackle, at the sound of the whistle, I can make all the stadiums roar.”

This is more than simply a game. It’s about an individual’s power, the inner strength that is amplified and even made possible by love.

Another moving line: “I can make tonight last forever, or I can make it disappear by dawn.”

We can see the dual nature of love here: its potential to stretch moments into eternities, as well as its equally potent ability to stop things quickly.

The reoccurring topic of the song is the duality of love and the conflicting aspects that come into play – generating stillness and sound, changing night into day, and, as the title says, creating love out of nothingness.

“Making Love Out of Nothing At All” is much more than just a powerful ballad. It is a philosophy, a tribute to the transformational power of love. It teaches us that love is both an art and a miracle, capable of conjuring up moments of magic even in the midst of adversity. Lose yourself in its narrative the next time it appears on your playlist, and you could just discover a fresh respect for its meaningful message.

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  1. Mr. Steinman is a very unusual man. In all the songs that he writesMr. Steinman is a very unusual man.. one all the songs that he writes, he pushes love to both extremes. I would’ve loved to written some songs with him. As an author, I appreciate his, not concluding life for people.

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