Meaning of Mary on a Cross by Ghost

Mary on a Cross


Ghost, the mysterious Swedish rock band, has never been afraid to write about deep and sometimes controversial themes. Their 2019 record “Seven Inches of Satanic Panic” song “Mary on a Cross” is no different. The song is about love, suffering, and how society judges people, and it has a catchy tune that’s hard to forget.

At the heart of “Mary on a Cross” is a story that seems to compare a troubled relationship to the story of Mary Magdalene in the Bible, who is often misread and criticised. Tobias Forge, the lead singer of the band, writes lyrics that aren’t very clear but paint a picture of a love that doesn’t give up even when people look down on it. This song, like many of Ghost’s other works, asks listeners to go deeper and have a conversation about love’s limitless nature and the judgements that often come with unusual relationships.

People have found a lot of meaning in the song’s words. Some see it as a criticism of social rules that make it hard for people to connect with each other, while others see it as a tribute to love that never changes. The line, “We were speeding together down dark avenues,” says it all: going into the unknown with love, even though other people will look down on you.

It is impossible to ignore how “Mary on a Cross” was affected by society and history. The name of the book makes me think of Mary Magdalene, who in Christian tradition has been a figure of redemption and love that never fails. Many times, Mary’s story has been used to talk about judgement, forgiveness, and how love can change things. Ghost skillfully weaves these historical details into a current story about a love that goes against the rules of society.

The Weeknd, an artist known for his dark and evocative words, once talked about how Ghost’s music tells stories in a new way. Talking about Ghost’s ability to “tell stories that challenge conventional thinking through their music” is similar to what The Weeknd said about the song “Mary on a Cross,” even though it wasn’t directly about that song.

While “Mary on a Cross” is set in the past, it also shows how people judge love and social acceptance today. Through it, Ghost asks people to think about the limits of love and the judgements that come with it. Ghost creates a rich fabric of meaning by weaving together historical stories with modern love stories. This tapestry continues to make people think and talk.

In Ghost’s extensive record, “Mary on a Cross” is a story that makes you think and encourages you to learn more about the complicated issues of love, judgement, and social acceptance. Through this song, Ghost continues to create a space for their fans to talk and think, which makes them more than just artists in the rock genre.


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